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Jetfile Integration with ReFocus AI

Learn more to get the integration switched on for your Jetfile Installation today!


Process 100s of additional submissions a week

Prioritize Bindable Submissions

Generate over 10% more revenue by identifying the most likely to close submissions.

Native Integration

ReFocus AI is directly embedded in your Jetfile system, eliminating the need for special portals, new processes, IT implementation, or special training for your staff.

Up and running in minutes

Jetfile turns on the integration in minutes, helping you get up and running faster.

Prioritizing Submissions

Winning more deals

You get a lot of submissions. How can you separate the ones you're likely to win from those where you'll just waste your precious time?

Using the ReFocus AI integration with Jetfile, our client was able to generate 10% more revenue by focusing on those opportunities they were most likely to win, without adding additional staff.


Using Technology to Boost Productivity and Revenue

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How do I turn on the integration?

Contact your Jetfile representative.

How long after it is turned on can I start using it?

It take 5 business days from the time your Jetfile representative turns on the ReFocus AI integration to the time you can start to use it. But don't worry! We do all the heavy lifting while you sit back and relax.

What does it cost?

It costs $1 per submission.

How can I try it?

We offer 10 free credits a month (10 submissions)!

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