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Improving retention — faster and easier than ever before

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Identify the accounts likely to churn up to 6-months before renewals

Reduce Churn by 25%

Prioritize activity to those where there are additional value-added services to provide.

Retention is 5 - 25x more cost effective

It costs $1 to know which accounts are likely to leave but $500 to bring a new customer in the door.

Guidewire Compatible

Go beyond your current Guidewire capabilities to boost revenue and retention.

User Case

How one carrier reduced churn by 25%

Resources are always short. And retention often becomes the last item to get attention.

Using ReFocus AI, our client was able to reduce churn on their P&C book of business by 25% and save their team hours each week in productivity.


Using Technology to Boost Productivity and Revenue

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How do I get started?

How can I add retention insights to my existing Guidewire analytics?

To start, most companies choose to use our Email Gateway, which allows anyone with a business email to send and receive retention insights. This approach has the additional benefits of requiring zero IT implementation and no changes to your team's processes. 

We also offer a standard API for more complex business requirements.

What does it cost?

$1 per retention insight. You only ever pay for what your team uses which means zero up-front costs to get started.

How can I try it?

We offer 10 free credits a month (10 submissions)!

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